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Physical therapy

With many states offering direct-access physical therapy, patients no longer need a referral from a general practitioner to see you. That means more patients than ever are on their own searching for a treatment for their ailments. How does your site stack up? Most of our PT clinics rank on the first page of Google for 50+ industry-related keywords and average 5,000-15,000 monthly organic visitors. 

Dentistry and orthodontics

What’s sure to make your smile brighter than your patients’? A fully optimized website that is driving more patient appointments to your office and increasing patient retention and referrals. With websites designed specifically to build trust, schedule new appointments and increase patient referrals, we can help you expand your practice through reliable, predictable patient growth.

Orthopedic surgery

We’ve worked with orthopedic surgeons across the country to increase scheduled surgeries by launching websites that promote trust and drive more conversions. Our sites create a patient journey that answers the most common questions patients have about orthopedic surgery, e.g., cost and insurance, recovery and outcomes. With our conversion-optimized websites, we can help you drive more traffic to your website and your surgery center.

Mental health

When it comes to mental health, it’s crucial to immediately establish trust with your reader. Our websites and marketing materials are designed to answer the most common hesitancies patients have when reaching out to a mental health professional. Whether you are offering outpatient therapy or inpatient housing and rehabilitation services, we can help you reach the right people with the right message to promote trust and hope in healing. 


“Over the past several years, the Burg & Co. Marketing team has become a seamless extension of our in-house team. We have seen +74% growth in new patients specifically from our website appointment forms over the past three years — a direct correlation to the SEO work that the Burg & Co. team has put forward. Together, we’ve increased our ROI by +170% — and even saw significant traffic growth over last year which was impacted by COVID-19. I strongly recommend that any healthcare company work with the Burg & Co. team if they want to see tangible results from their marketing efforts.”

— Leanna Carlson

VP Marketing, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners