New Ideas for Lead Generation

Need some new ideas for lead generation? Here’s a few!

Running the same lead generation strategies over and over again can start to have diminishing returns. Even if you are meeting or exceeding your lead generation goals, it’s critical to continuously be on the lookout for new lead generation ideas to add into the mix.
The good news is that in our fast-paced innovative modern world there are no shortage of good ideas out there to maximize your lead generation potential. Here are a just a few new ideas for lead generation shared by our marketing experts.

Fresh lead generation ideas

Revitalize your marketing mix by:

  • Using a social media influencer — These are people on social media with very large followings who tend to be trendsetters. Finding an influencer who is relevant to your area and can speak organically about your products and services can help you engage with a very large audience of potential leads.
  • Broadening your content strategy — Good content marketing should be about providing useful information and positive experiences to consumers, not just promoting your brand. Consider adding an educational library to your website that helps your potential leads better understand your industry. Or start a blog with guest posts from people in your organization sharing subject matter expertise. By demonstrating thought leadership in your field, you will develop trust in your audience before they even engage with you as a lead.
  • Harnessing the power of good reviews — Did you know that review platforms such as Google Reviews, Yelp and Consumer Affairs have a significant influence on search engine rankings? Higher rankings mean more traffic and more leads. While obviously the best way to get good reviews is to provide exceptional service and a high quality product, modern businesses need to be in charge of their online reputation. Start a dedicated campaign to direct people who have received positive experiences to leave an online review. This can be done through both word of mouth with your staff and representatives and through online messaging on your website, social media and emails.

Putting these new lead generation ideas into practice can help diversify your portfolio and broaden the horizons of your audience profile.

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