PPC news: Week of July 12, 2021

PPC news

Staying on top of the latest news in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help your business succeed. The PPC world moves at lightning speed, and changes to best practices or new ways to analyze data can mean the difference between meeting lead goals or being behind the curve.

Since we spend so much time navigating the world of digital marketing, we’re constantly keeping up to date with PPC news. Staying on top of this news can help you be more engaged and proactive in your digital strategy.

Three news items that may affect your PPC campaigns: 

  1. Google Ads API version 8.0 released — If you updated your Google Ads API to version 7.0 recently, hold on because version 8.0 is now out. This new version adds a slew of new features and changes to the platform. A few of the notable changes and features include the: 
  • Ability to use cross-account bidding strategies. 
  • Capability of retrieving labels managed by the manager account.
  • Addition of cart_data to ClickConversion.
  • Inclusion of more fields in TransactionAttribute and UserAttribute. 
  • Addition of increased Smart Campaign support. 
  1. Google releasing new Partner badge — The new Google Partner badge will be available before the updated February 2022 deadline for companies that have already met the updated Partner qualifications. Google recently announced that this new badge will be available in late June 2021. The updated qualifications your business will need to hit to become or continue to be a Google Partner include: 
  • Maintaining a 70% optimization score.
  • Maintaining Google Ads spending of $10k across all managed accounts for 90 days.
  • Ensuring that 50% of the account strategists identified are certified in Google Ads.
  1. Cryptocurrency advertisers facing new Google policies — Cryptocurrencies are a hot commodity right now, and there are more and more ads for them appearing on the Google platform. By August 3, advertisers for cryptocurrencies will need to meet several new requirements: 
  1. Be registered with FinCEN as a Money Services Business and with at least one state as a money transmitter.
  1. Be registered with a federal- or state-chartered bank entity.
  1. Comply with relevant local, state and federal legal requirements. 
  1. Ensure that your ads and landing pages comply with all Google Ads policies.

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