Advantages of Content Marketing

What are the advantages of content marketing?

Growing your business is a priority for any business owner. Because of this, you want the facts before considering how to invest in a marketing strategy. We are convinced that content marketing will be beneficial to you. Here are a few reasons why you should feel the same way we do:


It’s better for your budget

Let’s talk about the financial cost of content marketing first, since ROI is important to you. Content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional forms of marketing, like billboards, commercials and ads. This means that content marketing is available for all sorts of business owners, not just the ones with the biggest budgets.

It’s in for the long haul

As you invest in content marketing and produce more and more content, it will all still be available to users years down the road. Any content you publish will remain visible as long as your website is still running or until you decide to remove the content. Traditional forms of marketing don’t offer the same kind of long-term commitment.

It increases your leads

Consumers place great value on making an informed decision about a service or product. This means that they will perform thorough research before making a purchase. Producing quality content that is useful and relevant to your target audiences’ concerns will help them trust your brand and become a potential customer.

It improves your conversion rates

Useful content that is created with your audience in mind is more likely to be read and shared. This results in improved conversion rates since the audience who will spend time reviewing your content are the type of people who are looking to make a purchase to address their need



It enhances your search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is the practice of improving your website’s findability in search engine results, which is connected with an increase in traffic, leads and conversion. A complete SEO strategy is comprised of many components that make it successful but quality, user-friendly content is SEO’s backbone. Without good content, your SEO strategy will fall flat.




It boosts your social media presence

Social media is a great platform for engaging with your audience and hearing their voices as well as sharing yours. It is also a great place to share content that is helpful to your social media followers. These followers are likely to share your content if it is relevant and useful.


All of this sounds good? Yeah, we think so too.

Running a digital marketing strategy and developing a bunch of content to help increase your web traffic, leads and customers can be hard and time-consuming work. If you have a busy schedule, the idea of adding more to it may not be the most thrilling. That’s why you should connect with the marketing professionals at Burg & Co.

Burg & Co. develops comprehensive digital marketing strategies that include content marketing to help you grow your leads and increase your conversion rates. Want to talk with us about developing a strategy that works for you? Contact us today.

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