Social media marketing captures customers where they are.

Social media marketing is everywhere we look. If you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Instagram or any of the dozens of other social media platforms out there, you’ve likely seen products, services and other offers from businesses in your feed. When they’re relevant to your needs and challenges, you may have even found yourself clicking through to learn more – and, eventually, making a purchase. When it comes to social media marketing, savvy business owners stand to capture a greater market share and develop a community of engaged buyers who are willing and able to share your message with their own networks.

Social media marketing helps earn and nurture loyal customers.

Capturing your ideal customers’ attention on the platforms where they spend the most time is one of the best ways to increase your visibility, turn prospects into qualified leads and convert leads into loyal customers. And if you can encourage your followers and target audience to share your content, you’ve just increased your reach tremendously. Social media can also help you better retain and cross-sell to your existing customer base for a boost to your bottom line. Consider that:

  • Seventy-four percent of social media users visit Facebook daily. Sixty percent visit Instagram every day, and 46 percent are on Twitter daily.
  • 50 percent of millennials research products on the internet before they buy.
  • Seven in 10 Gen Xers will purchase something from a brand they follow on social media

Social media marketing requires the right content, approach and strategy.

It’s not enough to simply be there, however. While a business page or profile is a great start, you need to know what to share and when for the greatest opportunity. Your message must be engaging, it must be relevant and it must be timely.

Burg & Co. knows what it takes to craft innovative social media campaigns that drive business, increase revenue and grow profits. We’ve launched campaigns driving thousands of unique visitors in less than two weeks, sold out events and increased company revenue by 40 percent in the span of just one month.

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