Three ways you’re doing Google Ads management wrong

Adwords Management

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is a platform for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising through the Google search engine. This powerful tool can get your website in front of millions of eyeballs and help you achieve your lead generation and revenue goals. 

If you manage it correctly. 

There are a number of Google Ads management pitfalls that advertisers commonly fall into. By learning to recognize these issues and counteract them, you can take your PPC strategy to the next level. 

Avoid these three Google Ads management traps

Here are three Google Ads management mistakes your business does not want to make: 

  1. Focusing on clicks, not conversions — It’s really easy to get clicks through Google Ads; just throw enough money at a high-performing keyword and you’ll generate a lot of traffic that you can brag about. However, this will not help you achieve ROI. True Google Ads management is about using the platform to find the keywords that your target audience searches for that indicate someone who is close to making a purchase decision. If you measure success in terms of conversion to a lead or sale, your actual success will be much more likely. 
  2. Shortchanging ad and landing page copy — Even if you’re focusing on researching high-converting keywords, you can still run into trouble with poor creative assets. In fact, Google Ads can even penalize you in auctions with a low quality score if your ad copy is not relevant or well written. A good landing page is the last step in this process; if your page isn’t well laid out or has hard-to-understand copy, then the traffic you do get will not convert to results. 
  3. Not analyzing your data — Google Ads gives advertisers a wealth of data they can use to improve campaign performance and make adjustments. Not taking full advantage of this data is a Google Ads management mistake you absolutely should not make. Through tracking and analyzing user behavior, you’ll be able to gain an amazingly clear picture of your audience, what they’re searching for and the messaging they respond to. 

A Google Ads management mistake that many users make is thinking they have to go it alone. With the right partner, you can use your advertising budget more effectively to help you achieve revenue and profit goals. 

Google Ads management experience

If you’re looking to build a successful PPC campaign through Google Ads, Burg & Co. Marketing can help. We have extensive experience with this platform and know how to integrate your PPC strategy with other digital marketing channels, including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, to maximize return on your marketing dollar. 

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