Who We Are

Who We Are:

We are a premier digital marketing agency in Tampa.

Burg & Co. Marketing is a digital marketing agency in Tampa, FL. We create digital campaigns that resonate and inspire action. Our marketing campaigns consist of search engine optimization (SEO), cornerstone content creation, paid ad campaigns, social media marketing and website development.

What We Do:

We build digital movements.

The difference between a decent marketing campaign and one that inspires a movement is the story. A good marketing campaign will have all of the right components — cornerstone content, SEO strategy, social marketing and an AdWords campaign — but with mediocre messaging, the campaign will only gain decent results. However, if you take that same marketing plan and change the message to something that resonates with the audience — something emotionally-driven that explains WHY they need your product — now you’ve created a movement.


That’s what we do at Burg & Co Marketing. We call ourselves digital storytellers because we transform our clients’ products into value for their target audience. No longer are you selling food at a restaurant; now you’re selling an experience. You’re not selling a fitness program; you’re selling a new lifestyle. By transforming the services you offer into an emotionally-appealing message, your brand will inspire a digital movement.

Our Strategy:

Build powerful digital marketing strategies that generate leads

After years of working in the digital marketing industry (more than 20 years of combined expertise), we formulated a strategy that would make our marketing services attainable to all businesses without sacrificing the quality of our work. We develop holistic inbound and digital marketing plans, and then map each strategy to show how many hours it will take to complete. We charge one flat, hourly fee.

Because we charge hourly, you get to decide how much money you want to spend per month. Maybe you can only afford 10 hours per month, or maybe you can afford 100. We’ll adjust your marketing strategy accordingly so you can experience the most growth in the shortest amount of time.

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